largepawWhat is Doggy Daycare:

Doggy day care is an environment where dogs are dropped off for the day to play with other dogs in a fun, safe, well-supervised and clean envirnment. Pooches Playroom has many benefits including:

  • Provides regular exercise to maintain a healthy weight
  • Relieves boredom, separation anxiety, and destructive behaviour at home
  • Improves socialization with dogs and people
  • Enhances quality of life



What do the dogs do all day?

The dogs are placed in indoor / outdoor play areas where they can socialize and play with other dogs. They are separated by size, temperament, and activity level. If a dog is tired, they can take a nap on one of the many beds or couches, or in one of the cubby houses. There will be a nap time at 12.30-1.00 each day, so the dogs can rest and recharge their batteries.


How do you go having small and large dogs at the centre?

Our centre is 1,300sqm with four extra-large indoor/outdoor play runs, and a medium run. We separate dogs into our play areas based on size, temperament, and activity level.


My dog needs special medication. Is this a problem?

We all have special needs from time to time. We don’t view this as a hassle but a part of life, so we don’t charge extra and can accommodate most medication administration. We do need to be notified of all conditions, and expect specific instructions for such situations.


Does My dog need to be social?

Yes, your dog should have a good social history. A temperament assessment will be conducted on all dogs before being allowed to join the doggy daycare.


Does My dog need to be vaccinated or sterilized?

Yes, all dogs need to have a current C5 vaccination certificate, and all dogs over 7months old need to be sterilised.